Robert Kirkman – The Walking Dead Volume 23: Whispers Into Screams


3rd – 4th July 2015

I take everything back I said about the Walking Dead loosing its pace. This book starts a new and very interesting storyline, which really changed my mind.

The two towns encounter a new group of survivors, who live with the Dead. They wear masks of dead people, and look very much like them. By accident they clash with a group of the two towns, who were venturing into their land. Taking the looking-like-dead for dead people, a fight emerges.

Thankfully, nothing bad comes out of it… both groups decide to go their own ways. The new group seems like a cult to me… and then not. Very strange. I am very interested to see where this goes, I very much hope to some new and unexplored territory. It is the end-times after all, and strange things happen.

Laurent Vicomte, Claude Pelet – Sasmira: Band 2. Der falsche Ton


2 – 3 Juli 2015

Sasmira Teil zwei war ebenfalls auf meiner Liste von Comics, deren zweiten Teil ich endlich einmal lesen wollte. Doch hier ist es ganz anders, als wie bei “Parasiten”. Der erste Teil erschien 1998, und ich hatte ihn damals gelesen. Der zweit war für bald angekündigt, erschien jedoch erst 2011. Auf eine seltsame Weise wirkt die Geschichte daher zeitnaher. Und sie ist wirklich sehr, sehr gut.

Der erste Band endetet damit, daß sich die zwei Hauptcharaktere Stansislas und Bertille in einem Schloß mitten im ausgehenden 19. Jahrhundert wiederfinden. Die Geschichte wird im zweiten Band fortgesetzt und spielt fast ausschließlich in dieser Epoche.

Sie entdecken die geheimnisvolle Sasmira, die scheinbar aus dem alten Ägypten stammt und nicht mehr altert. Mysteriöse Dinge geschehen, und beide werden immer weiter in die Ereignisse hineingezogen.

Es deutet jedoch alles darauf hin, daß sie in Sasmiras Traum gefangen sind… also keine Zeitreisegeschichte.


Band zwei kündigt den dritten Teil an, der bald erscheinen soll. Das ist leider ebenfalls noch nicht geschehen, es schaut aber so aus, also ob er in Arbeit ist und 2016 wohl fertig sein wird.

Delia Wülner und Dirk Schulz – Parasiten, Band 3: Der Tafelberg


2 Juli 2015

Dieser Comic war seit Ewigkeiten auf meiner Liste von Büchern, die ich endlich einmal lesen wollte.

Ich hatte Band eins und zwei 1998(!) gelesen. Der dritte Teil war damals noch nicht erschienen. Irgendwie verlor ich die Reihe aus den Augen.

Ich hatte den Comic schon mehrmals auf die Wunschliste gesetzt und wieder gelöscht. Nun war es Zeit.

Leider hat mich der Comic doch sehr enttäuscht. Nicht daß die Geschichte schlecht wäre, doch es ist einfach zu lange her. Ich habe keinen wirklichen Bezug mehr zu ihr. Es sind die Bücher, die man liest wenn man jung ist und sich erinnert, wie gut sie waren. Jahre später liest man sie nochmal und ist enttäuscht. Sie sind Teil ihrer Zeit, und diese kehrt nicht zurück.

“Gone, done, the feud is over.”


Alan Moore and Curt Swan – Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?


30th June – 1st July 2015

The author of the foreword in Neil Gaiman’s “Whatever happened to the caped crusader” explained that Neil was inspired by Alan Moore’s “Whatever happened to the man of tomorrow”. So I had to read that of course!

This story follows the same premise: Write the last story about superman and how he dies! That is of course enormously difficult. Alan choose not to go for a huge final fight end-of-the-world type scenario, but for a quiet, almost gentle exit, perfectly in line with Superman’s character.

I was a bit afraid of the dated, colour reduced art-style. But the story runs very fine. Also, the texts have just the right lengths… no Alan Moore philosophical discussion about meta physics.

There are two more stories in this volume, of which I really liked the Superman & Swamp thing. I have to explore the later more… this is a really interesting character.

Henry Carroll – Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs


27th – 29th June 2015

I saw this book while I was in London at Urban Outfitter’s. I should have bought it right away back then, not sure why I did not.

In a way, it is a very straightforward “how to” guide. But since I neglected photography for some time, I found it really helpful as a reminder to what I already knew or should know.

It certainly gave me an incentive to take photography more earnest.

Robert Kirkman – The Walking Dead Volume 22: A new beginning


28th – 29th June 2015

The Walking Dead haunts me. I have said many times before that it is way over time to end the series, and yet I keep coming back to it. It is still too fascinating. This book would have been a really good opportunity to conclude on the storyline, but of course, if the story were real, the world would have to continue in crisis.

This is a nice an pleasant book, everything has settled down, the world is back to normal as much as that is possible… just about until the last page.

I can’t resist, next volume already ordered.

Rick Remender, Matteo Scalera, Dean White – Black Science, Volume 2: Welcome, Nowhere


27th – 28th June 2015

Black Science Volume Two is a colour-blast. While the story is still trying to find where to go, the book is full of graphical ideas. Mind-boggling aliens, that remind me a bit of Saga and Fear Agent (in the sense of what is possible). There is of course loads of action.

And above all colour! Colour! A blast!

… I still cannot tell the girls from each other. Meanwhile I think there must be a reason that they are so similar. Hm.

Scott Snyder, Rafael Albuquerque – American Vampire Vol. 6


28th June 2015

I lost of bit track of the American Vampire series. Recently I checked the various comics I read throughout last year, and re-discovered that American Vampire has meanwhile volume six and seven out. That happens, if you reach the latest volume but do not follow-up from time to time.

Volume six contains the longer story “The long road to hell”, which I really, really liked. While it is set in the series’s universe, it is a side-plot about a couple, which becomes prey to vampires. They are both petty thieves, but they are in their hearts good people and try to do the right thing. Nice story and nice ending.

The second part is an anthology of various shorts by different writers and artists. As it goes with anthologies, some shorts are better than others. I found them in total good, but on the other hand, you cannot really develop too much story in just a few pages. After all, American Vampire thrives on its ongoing narrative.